Dell 1420 nvidia chip motherboard This Dell 1420 with Nvidia video chip was still working when brought in. However it would get this multicolored lines all over the screen after a short time of using it or when the “strain” on video capability would be increased.

After several tests and different attempts to understand what the problem was and also our clients two hours worth of phone call with Dell. We concluded it was definitely a nvidia chip failure, like it usually is, when the problem like that occurs on dell’s and many HP laptops.

The reason it happens is quite microscopic. After some time and many heat fluctuations that are inevitable. These Nvidia chips tend to break contacts on micro level and start losing conductivity. The breakages are very small and are located inside the chip and are pretty much beyond repair for anyone even with the smallest soldering gun. My guess would be – only machine can do it. but I might be wrong! 🙂

The solution overnight pc repair suggested was to replace the motherboard for this Dell 1420 laptop. We ordered a motherboard and replaced it as soon as we got it. total turn around on this repair job was 7 days. Since we ordered the motherboard from China!

This dell 1420 laptop is now working fully nicely and has Intel graphics chip and not nvidia. 1GB of RAM, running windows vista and has 320GB Western digital hard drive! nice and cute laptop good for travel or carrying around because of its medium size!

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