Dell e1505 hard drive failure  The owner of this Dell E1505 laptop with 120GB hard drive, 1GB of RAM running windows xp, was shocked to find out her hard drive has crashed on her.

In fact she had called few weeks ago to talk about her hard drive possibly going bad, because it was getting some bad sectors. Upon our encouragement to take care of this issue NOW, she did not. Unfortunately this is what most people do. they let their failing hard drives go too long, sometimes even without backing up their precious data and then when it finally fails they get scared that their data might be lost beyond recovery.

And sometimes it is. Hard drive crash in many different ways and in some cases it is beyond our capability to extract things when windows will no longer load on it.

In this case however everything worked out nicely. although windows xp wasn’t loading properly, we did not have a lot of difficulties extracting the data from the hard drive, all the documents and pictures on it were safe.

For laptop repair we performed we added new Seagate 500GB hard drive, installed fresh copy of windows xp and transferred personal files over. Customer was happy and is enjoying her refreshed laptop!

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