custom built pc This is a totally custom built pc from scratch built at the persons home. They have bought all the necessary components.

ATI RAdeon 2GB video card


1TB Samsung HDD

Quad Core Intel Processor

6 Fans

H50 Water Cooling System

and a quite cool looking computer case.

This assembly took about 3.5 hours it was pretty exciting to turn this bad boy on after it was completed. Water cooling system is the most interesting component in this machine, because it is still quite new, but I assure it is worth having, especially if you are a gamer or professional video editor. Water normally takes about 4 times more energy to heat up than air. Therefore it makes very decent processor cooling system.

This was exciting experience and we are glad to have helped out a 14 year old who got this machine as christmas present! I know its a little early to be talking chrismas, but that was his agreement with parents! Lucky him!

To order one of the custom built high performance computer call us at 877-938-8777 and we will work with you to design your perfect custom computer for yourself orĀ  your family!