Description Of Work:
Diagnosed and fixed an Alienware complex computer that would not run important programs. The computer also failed to shut down without a forced shutdown, but now it is fixed and runs smoothly.
Member Comments:

My son’s complex Alienware desktop that is also used as a gaming computer would not access most of his programs. A previous computer repair company hired by us (but now shut down) said the computer was infected with a virus and needed to be wiped clean, with Windows and all other (28 programs) re-installed.
Ed was able to come over the day I was available, found the viruses and trojans, repaired the system, got all programs to run again and was able to have the computer shut down on command, something the other computer company said was impossible.
Ed was prompt, professional and efficient. He honored the Angie’s List coupon, too.
We will be hiring Ed again soon to clean up our two laptops which are slow running and have some connection problems.

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