Have you been ever quoted to pay thousands for data recovery?cheap Data-Recovery

Well, its not very uncommon thing actually. We had one client who said she paid $1700.00 to recover her documents and photos, and recently we had a client whos case I am going to describe to you here. She was quoted from $2600-$3500 to recover the data.

The biggest reason this happens, is because hard drives themselves are pretty complicated piece of technological equipment. Its not like anyone or everyone can take it a part, change a part or two and bam you have a working hard drive. They are much more complex than that and in some cases do require environment and equipment that costs thousands. But the big question for me was is it really that expensive to extract data from the hard drive as everyone quotes you?! because face it, many places do charge astronomical prices, which no regular person can afford, so unless you are a business you can maybe shell out a chunk of cash to get your stuff recovered, otherwise many people just forget about it.

Well until now of course. now at overnight pc repair you can get your data recovered for much less and virtually no risk to you whatsoever. If we recover your data you pay, if we don’t you don’t pay. its simple. and I can assure you the price tag to do that will be two, three or four times cheaper than what other places charge you.

This happened to our recent customer. Another company took his drive, kept it for 4 days doing so called logical data recovery and after 4 days they said: oops we can not do anything, we have to do physical data recovery on it and it will cost you anywhere from $2600-$3500. after hearing this our clients heart skipped a beat or two and he thought this was the end of his documents and pictures, until he brought it to us. 3 days later we extracted 85% of his files for a price that was 5 times lower!!!

The thing is, many companies do take advantage of the situation, because it is quite difficult process to recover data on hard drive that appears not to be working at first. So anyone who experiences this, is left with very little options to do anything. And truth is, in many cases it is not such a big deal and with few tricks and necessary tools files can be recovered easier than everyone makes it sound it is.

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