Water Damage on macbook pro laptop.

Hi, I hope you are reading this because of couple reasons. you have had water damage on your macbook pro. and I also hope you are reading this before you take a trip to apple store to see if they can help you. water damage macbook pro

if you take your water damage macbook pro to apple store, you might put yourself in a bad situation. because apple’s warranty doesn’t cover water damage since it is caused by human error. and if you take it to apple store they will offer you to replace the motherboard and try to charge you a lot of money for it.

Also another thing they might do is register your mac in their system that you actually had water damage, this will void all your warranties and you will be in a bad position even if you fix water damage elsewhere.

So what do you do if you get fluids spilled on your macbook pro? First thing is to shut computer down right away. Actually the very best thing is to unplug it from power source and even better thing yet to do is to take out or unplug the battery. however on macbook pros to get to battery you might need to remove bottom cover. its only 8 screws but its really worth doing if you want to save your macbook. either way just shutting it down would actually be a very good thing too if you don’t want to remove the cover.

Then you gotta find a professional like Overnight Pc Repair and bring your computer to us. We will open it, clean it from water damage and most of the time that will do the trick. Your computer will be ok and running like it did before in most cases.

Having a power source connected with fluids present is what causes damage to electronic components. water itself is not so bad 🙂

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