This topic has been posted many times in many different places, but everytime I see someone using their computer, I cringe because of how slow people move in their work and sometimes even struggle. All this can be prevented with Only a fey keyboard combinations or shortcuts that, trust me, will make your life so muuuuuuuch easier!!!

here is the list of the most popular Windows Shortcuts I personally use a LOT! They apply to windows 7, Windows vista and Windows XP.

1. Windows Key +E (opens windows explorer)

2. Windows Key + R (opens Run box)

3. windows Key + D ( show Desktop) If you’re have multiple windows open, this quickly switches back to desktop and back.

4.  Alt+ TAB ( Switches through opened applications, useful when some programs run in full screen)

5. Control +C, Control +V, Control+Z, Control +Y, Control+S (Copy, paste, Undo, Redo, Save)

6. Windows Key + Pause/break ( this takes you System information, otherwise accessible by right clicking my computer icon and going to properties. Very useful, unfortunately, not all keyboards have Pause/Break in one key. most of the desktop keyboards do, however with laptops its a luxury)

7. Control + L (if you use browsers like Mozilla, chrome and internet explorer, this shortcut will help you highlight the URL box, so you can start typing new Web Address immediately. this one is very cool and very useful and must be used by everyone!)

8. Alt + F4 ( closed the currently open window of an active application)

9. Control + J ( also a browser shortcut that lets you access download window in all popular browsers when they are open)

10. Control + Alt + Delete ( this is the oldest most known shortcut that opens Task Manager)

11. Control with + or – (Zooms in or out in the popular browsers)

if I remember any more I will add them, if you use these not only your life will be easier, but also you will look cooler in front of your friends, working a keyboard like a ninja without them knowing what you pressed to get where you want to get fast!!! 🙂