from the variety of Internet browsers available today there are few worth mentioning and in fact I will really focus on mostly security and ease of use.

So my number one browser I used for years and still continue on using is Firefox Mozilla. Mozilla has built in security features. they prevent you from going to some sites if any kind of spyware or malware is detected on them. It usually gives you red, scary looking screen and prompts to pursue further at your own risk. so if you don’t mind getting spyware downloaded you can make your choice.

no other browser has this capability and I think for a lot of people it would be helpful.

Many of my clients who bring their machines in for computer repair, 99% of the time have used internet explorer to browse online. that is how they picked up spyware. So mozilla would be my first recommendation from the browser array. You can’t go wrong with it. it has many addons, many features and is very user friendly. I love it. 🙂

my second pick, which I also use is Google Chrome browser. Which took a little while to get used to, because of absense of basically menus and all the other stuff. As you may know, google is about efficiency and removing things you don’t really need. to make users experience as simple as possible. So Chrome does that perfectly.

Chrome browser is also pretty fast and has many interesting addons and features to come along with. Really good browser too.

My point here really is to stay away from Internet explorer. It comes pre-installed with all microsoft windows operating systems and it is reason why people use it so much.

If I was you, I would spend an extra 5 minutes to download myself mozilla or chrome browser just for the sake of it. You would see the difference immediately. and besides they’re free.