ZT desktop hard drive failure

Zt desktop hard drive crash was an interesting story. it was purchased from costco from a client of ours. the word “Awesome” is in quotation mark, because their tech support is the far opposite from the word awesome and here is why.

The orange sticker you see in picture on top of computer says 24/7 tech zt support and life time toll free! sounds really impressive. so when his computer crashed the guy just did that. called the 24/7 life time tech support and asked them to figure his problem out.

he said they spent two hours on the phone. doing F10, F5 and whatever Other “f’s” you can imagine. and at the end the technician told him his OS needed to be reinstalled, files backed up and transferred.

at Overnight Pc Repair we do remote tech support all the time over the phone and sometimes it is not an easy task to determine the problem without seeing the machine. however if you are knowledgeable in computer field, with just a couple of questions problem can be diagnosed without seeing anything.

smart command failed Because after the guy brought the computer into our shop we noticed the problem in only 10 seconds after turning a computer on. There was message on the screen which said S.M.A.R.T. Command failed. If you know anything about fixing computers one must know what smart is and what is used for. Smart is a technology designed to prevent hard drive errors before they happen. it is a software which is installed on many computers and scans drives periodically or upon restart, just to make sure errors can be caught before hard drive crashes and person loses all the data.

In this case however the smart message was accompanied with a semi loud clicking sound that came from inside the zt computer box. again if you know anything about hard drives. Clicking is one of the most commonly known hard drive failure signs. so you do the math.

1.there was a message from smart indicating some failure

2. there was a clicking sound (which customer pointed out to me right away)

and the zt tech support has made him go through 2 hours worth of hassle!

Where as Overnight Pc Repair diagnosed the hard drive crash in 10 seconds. and in the next 1.5 hours computer was installed with new hard drive and windows 7 ready to be picked up and ready to use.

Unfortunately we were not able to recover the data from the old hard drive, because it was failed beyond recognition and had to go to hard drive specialist.

and here is the moral of the story: if your computer crashes and you live in los angeles. please do yourself a favor and call overnight pc repair you will save yourself some time and you will be very happy to get your computer back very fast!

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