dell 1420 eset security The truth of the matter is this Dell 1420 laptop was originally brought in because it was slow. we performed some tests on it, performed a registry cleaning and were considering the option of it being infected with spyware.

But then the thought crossed our minds saying why would it be? it is well protected with Eset Smart Security 5!

From other clients we have heard  ESET Smart Security 5 supposedly was a pretty light program which was fast and effective protecting your computer from various infections. and since overnight pc repair were big proponents of Kaspersky Internet security, we did not pay too much attention to Eset smart security 5 until this case, when it was right in front of us.

now you can call me crazy, but I expect my anti virus & anti spyware protection software to protect me from various spyware, malware and other malicious code, that could compromise my security. Thus this was my expectation from Eset smart security 5. we thought there is no way there could be something. But once our options of clean up were exhausted, we decided to try malwarebytes and it came back with a stunning 199 infections the screenshot of which we also have available.

Of course most  of those infections were adware related, but there were also several trojans in the registry and in application data folders. so we let you be the judge and decide if ESET Smart security5 is smart after all.

All we can say is – stop paying for antivirus software. Microsoft security essentials is readily available to you for free and does job, better than Eset (for sure) , kaspersky, norton and others. for one reason because its free and works very nice and fast with any windows. you will not be disappointed!

for any virus infections, malware or spyware removal, if your computer is locked up and doesn’t access internet call us at 877-938-8777 and we will help you remove it and bring your computer or laptop back to life!