unmountable boot volumeOwner of some toshiba satellite laptop was facing this blue screen of death, which said unmountable boot volume, when she brought her laptop in for checkup. so first things to look at is always a hard drive. This has grown almost number one on my to-do checklist as computer repair tech. because hard drive often fail and when they do many different things can happen. so first thing I usually do is check the hard drive if its functioning properly and then proceed looking for other errors and how to fix them.

So but in this case, I admit, I went the other way around. I scanned computer for viruses, since customer said they didn’t have any antivirus software, then I tried to checked file system with chkdsk /r. Then I tried to fix and rebuild Master boot record, and other things, but somehow forgot to check the hard drive. When all options were out, I finally did check the hard disk for errors and it turned out it was failing, because it had some 150 bad sectors.

So here was my answer to this dilemma. and another lesson learned, always check physical components first. you will save time and go from the ground up, before you get into myriad other things that can be fixed, but not necessarily have to 🙂

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