Asus Ul30v hard driveAsus UL30 V laptop happens to be a very neat medium size machine capable of quite impressive stats. it runs on windows 7 and has 4GB of RAM memory and had a 500GB hard drive. I say had, because we have replaced it and I tell you it wasn’t very easy.

When the owner of this UL30V laptop called us he said his computer was freezing and now it wouldn’t start at all. he wasn’t a rookie himself and the way he explained what was going on made it obvious. So after talking for 15 minutes on the phone we had many clues and suggested it was a hard drive issue, but it had to be tested to be sure 100%.

After he brought the ul30v laptop, we had another little issue, which made things more difficult. the laptop did not have a dvd drive. And when we connected one externally, computer wouldn’t boot from it and would stop recognizing dvd drive. Until finally we had it working, booted computer from the disk and tested hard disk for possible bad sectors.

Surprisingly all the test came back positive. no bad sectors were detected, no faults in drive were present. Yet it still wouldn’t boot the windows. so we ran check disk on it and fixed all possible file system errors, we also fixed the boot record and still no luck. at this point it was very very confusing and nothing made any sense. until something interesting happened.

as we connected the drive to another computer using an USB-IDE connector, we accidentally bumped the hard drive against the desk which was slight, but it did something to it. it made hard drive produce a very unusual noise. it was whirring and clicking slightly. very unusual. either way, after few more intentional bumps against the knuckles this seagate hard drive would start doing those sounds and if connected it would start freezing the system. So our answer was found!

we immediately replaced the seagate hard drive with a 500GB western digital, reinstalled operating system, transferred personal files from broken drive and customer was set happily on his way home with a big smile on his face!!!

this job took overnight pc repair about 2 hours total! what an amazing turn around time!!! call us with your computer problem anytime at 877-938-8777