hp g60 Dc jack replacement The client who brought this HP 60 laptop stated that about 6 months ago dc jack was already replaced on this computer. But miraculously laptop was not powering up again and the cause of that was unknown.

We looked at this hp g60 from all sides tried many different things and the last option was to take it apart and see if jack is indeed damaged again.

After about 30 minutes into it, our technician saw there was a damage done to the bracket in which hp 60 dc jack sits. it was cracked and broken most likely from the hit to the socket. it’s possible that someone dropped it on the adapter or something similar. I don’t see how else you can brake that bracket inside the laptop.

And still upon inspection dc jack itself on this hp g60 laptop looked ok. sitting tightly in place and looked like it should have been working. But we still decided to replace it. and when new part came in. Laptop powered on and was running like never before!

Overnight pc repair replaces dc jacks on all makes and models of laptops! and usual turn around time on those is 2-4 days depending on the shipping option you choose!  We have been successful with 99% of the cases fixing dc jacks! call us now at 310-775-2397 or email at fix@overnightpcrepair.com