IYogi computer repair service is an over the phone service. they supposedly help you solve problems with your pcs over the phone. usually by calling from india.I didnt know much about them only heard some things.

So yesterday we received a call from a lady. she had a virus and Iyogi computer repair was helping her remove it for 3 hours over the phone. The virus was still there. she was getting pop-ups and all kinds of weird things going on. Her Norton antivirus would not even start, let alone try to scan for viruses.

She was exhausted from sitting in front of computer for three hours looking at what the guy was doing. Afterwards they just gave up iYogi guy just realized he couldn’t do it anymore and it was over. Mind you she said she was paying them a hefty sum for membership so they can call in connect to her computer and clean things up. the caveat here is they didn’t really know how to clean things up.

Luckily she found us on Yelp and after reading multiple reviews that people leave us. She decided to call us. within minutes she explained what happened and she said Iyogi computer repair said they recommended to reinstall her windows 7 (by the way reinstalling windows is what any inexperienced computer repair person recommends when they don’t know how to solve little problems). she felt she didn’t want to do that so she went looking for better option.

After hearing what she had to say. I quickly reassured that we can clean the virus out without having reinstall windows. because windows re-installation is the last thing on the menu. its the last resort and you only do it, when you tried everything else possible and nothing works. because people have many settings and programs saved the way they like it. and reinstalling windows usually deletes everything. and you have to start over.

So long story short, I came over one hour later. I took me about 15 minutes to clean her computer up and it was running like new again! everyone was amazed, but there isn’t anything amazing about it. its very simple when you know what you are doing. and thats why if you have computer problems you must call Overnight Pc Repair at 818-532-9333 and you will not be disappointed!

and by the way the lady is cancelling her Iyogi membership. too bad…