imac time machine backup failureThe owner of this pretty mac called us, because of an usual issue. She was backing everything she had on her Imac using Time Machine Backup- a free application that comes with pretty much every Mac OS.

So here is the full story: for two full years, ever since she bought this imac, lady was backing everything she had on the mac on her external hard drive using time machine backup software. Recently she decided to upgrade her operating system to Snow Leopard, because of some software issue, so her it help guy has backed everything one more time (using time machine)and they reinstalled her OS. Then they went looking for her files and guess what!? They weren’t there. All programs and other system files were there, but user files weren’t. Then she spent two more days between apple and indian tech support trying to recover what they lost, but no one could help her. That’s when she decided to call us. and we recovered everything for her in less than 24 hours!

Here you go. things turned out ok in this scenario. and everyone was happy!

but I will not stop here. there are couple of things to discuss and definitely a lot to learn from.

1. I will repeat one more time as I have before. Always back up your data. weekly, monthly so you have it backed up

2. do it manually. or at least use software that backs up locally or online, but in the way where you can see what you are backing up. I dont have any specific programs to recommend except of maybe carbonite. In essence you want to back up folders and files that you can see you are backing up, because services like time machine or windows backup service and others. They backup into a single image file. That means, you think everything is getting backed up, but you can’t see inside. It’s like having someone put your things into a safe deposit box in the bank. its all nice and great, but you don’t really know what they put in there. you can only find out if you go and take it all out at once. which no one wants to do, until its necessary.

this lady is not the first customer of ours that it happens to and it will probably will not be the last, because backing up is looked through the fingers usually by people, until they actually lose the data and then they pay double or triple prices to get it all back. don’t let it happen to you!

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