today the almighty Microsoft has ended windows xp support. Forever. and first thing I have noticed is that many many people got really scared. some came into store and wanted to upgrade their computers to windows 7. One person decided to go with Ubuntu Linux. and other ones were just scared and were asking questions.

end of windows xp supportSo should you be scared or not? Maybe you should maybe you shouldn’t. I actually would recommend you be more scared from loading junkware on your computer, or opening weird emails or going to fishy sites that download viruses onto your computer. that is a way bigger issue than microsoft discontinuing windows xp support. and if you want to bet I could use windows xp for another 5 years on a computer safely and securely without anyone hacking into whatsoever.

All this sham is just another tactics by microsoft of doing things that don’t bring a lot of value to people, but only force them to switch to what Microsoft thinks is best for people to use. In today’s case it is – the infamous windows 8. See the whole game of microsoft was to be a leader in software and OS development, which lead to some pretty decent products, starting with Windows NT, windows Xp and Windows 7. many products in between were just a temporary transitional products. Which is What windows 8 is today (in my humble opinion).if you talk to any decent computer tech who is dealing with computers day in and out. they will tell you so far there was no worse operating system nightmare than windows 8.  and I understand the whole “let move forward thing”. But they literally want to to switch to new, unfinished product without leaving you any other options. because microsoft through all their distribution channels are actually forcing you to go to windows 8 and leave you no option to stay – say on even windows 7. (which in fact remains the only decent windows OS out there).

The whole thing of trying to scare people that windows xp is no longer supported is also a part of their strategy to get you to move on and buy new pc, buy new os, buy their crappy surface tablets, etc, etc. which is a bit sad, but I hope this windows 8 will turn into something more decent, because the idea behind it is pretty slick. its more modern and quick and looks like its a step forward. but it should be a choice not a requirement to have.

and as for windows xp. I can assure you, you can still use it as long as you have a good antivirus(preferably with firewall). and if you are gonna use it, make sure you remove internet explorer from add/remove features in control panel. or if you won’t remove it, don’t use it ever again. because I can see how internet explorer can be (and usually is in most infected computer cases) a gateway for bad guys to get into your pc. Stop Using internet explorer.

All this being said. many people will still use windows xp for many different reasons. some have older computers that still work and are fast enough for them. some have software that is not available on other platforms. some don’t like upgrading and so forth. And all this being said. I personally used to love windows xp a lot. it was fast, simple and pretty stable operating system. if you computer runs on it – use it only make sure you have a good antivirus like kaspersky internet security to protect you and you will be ok.

and if you experience any windows xp issues, like blue screens, missing .dll files call us at 818-532-9333 and we will help you fix them. I really don’t see it going away any time soon. its good Os and you should continue to use it. or just stop by our store at 22941 Ventura bl #G, Woodland Hills, Ca 91364