Toshiba t130 fan replacement  Here is yet another reason why you never take your computer to geek squad and I will let you be the judge of that. so keep on reading.

our customer brought this little Toshiba T130 laptop for a repair, she said one side of her computer is broken. After we took a look it was clear that the bottom case of toshiba t130 needs to be replaced, because the hinge was completely ripped of the bottom case.

We proceeded to change the bottom case and noticed something. The fan didn’t have any blades on it. After questioning the customer about it, she said she took the computer in to Geek Squad at Best Buy to get the fan cleaned. Geek Squad has cleaned it with some special vacuum cleaner that broke the fan blades and then she said they also broke her hinge while doing that.

in the picture you can see how the broken fan(on the right) looks and how the normal fan looks, blades and no blades. This is truly amazing.

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