gateway 7520 dvd rw

Now these things don’t fail too often, however now and then we do replace a dvd writer for laptop and occasional desktop computers. This Gateway 7520 was a simple case, nothing special, drive was showing on the BIOS but wasn’t reading the disks. It can happen for many different reasons. Overuse and extreme amount of burned cds or dvds can cause the laser diode to burn out. but many times it is a mystery why these drives stop working 🙂 or at least a mystery to me.

Good thing is they aren’t that expensive to replace and turn around time is pretty decent too. About 3-4 days. So if you have a problem with your dvd writer on your laptop, go ahead and call us now at 877-938-8777, we don’t only replace drives for gateway 7520, but also for any other laptop model out there.

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