fujitsu lifebook s7110 dc jackMany times when a laptop doesn’t turn on first you might want to check your charger and that is exactly what the owner of this fujitsu lifebook S7110 laptop did. Unfortunately his laptop still failed to start normally. In fact it wasn’t starting at all. That is of course until he brought it in to overnight pc repair.

As we first examined the laptop and plugged a charger into it, laptop clearly was not starting. however a well experienced hand always feels that something is not right, when it isn’t. So we felt a little movement in the place where the power adapter plugs into the laptop. That spot is called dc jack. as we moved it a bit and found the correct position the laptop in fact did turn on right away and this is when you know dc jack is damaged.

Dc jacks get damaged in many different scenarios. for example someone can trip over the power adapter cord, or in some cases laptop may be dropped and sometimes lands on the jack that is plugged in, or sometimes jacks break from overuse or other neglect.

Either way this is not the end of the world. Dc jacks can easily be replaced and we provide this service very fast and inexpensive.  call us any time for any laptop dc jack repair or replacement at 877-938-8777

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