Asus G53J dc jack repair This time at overnight pc repair we have received two Asus G53J laptops that needed exactly the same repair which was DC Jack Replacement.

I have discussed in earlier post the usual problem they are having with these ultra mega gaming laptops, that can hold up to 30GB of RAM memory. They are truly super nice machines, however with one little defect.

The charger that plugs inside computer fits on the tip of the dc jack very tightly and as result happens to be not practical at all. Even though people are careful with them, occasionally they still pull the wire or trip over it and when it happens, the tightly positioned tip of the jack simply snaps and stays inside the tip of the power adapter.Asus g53j dc jack disassembled

Last week it happened to be at overnight pc repair woodland hills location we happen to repair two of them simultaneously. Two asus g53j laptops were disassembled and new dc jacks were soldered in.

How long is it take to do? If you have the jack on you, we can replace it in less than 24 hours. If you don’t have the jack usual wait time is couple days for shipping of the part.

Overnight pc repair also performs other computer repair like lcd screen replacement, water damage repair on macbooks and wide array of other desktop and laptop computer problems.

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