Dell 640m bsodThis Dell 640M with 1GB of RAM, and 320GB of HDD space was a pretty interesting case must to be discussed. The blue screen actually was not happening until the computer was brought in to us. Apparently after we turned it on, the battery went dead and laptop shut down because it lost the power. That in turn messed up the system registry and there was no way to start it back up. And trust me as stubborn as I am, I tried nearly everything and spend 3 hours on it.

The initial reason computer was brought in,  was hard disk failure. Client wanted to get some files out that needed computer to be on. I couldn’t just simply copy them over. So it was a little complicated to do that, but we managed it at the end anyway.

We later replaced the non-working hard drive with a 500GB Seagate, restored windows xp home edition and send customer on her way with a big smile on her face! Overnight pc repair is fastest computer shop in los angeles! call us with any computer issue and we will be on our way to help you fix it! call us now 310-775-2397