AVbytes virus removalThis laptop was infected with AV Bytes virus that took over the computer. One could try to close it, but with no luck at all. you can do control alt delete, but it doesnt work. these type of viruses called ransom viruses – infect your computer and sort of hold it hostage forcing you to buy their software. Software is probably bogus and will not remove anything. it is a nothing but a scam. Av bytes virus is just a variation of the whole group of these kind of malware, that on first hand looks like a legit program. sometimes it looks like its a microsoft program, sometimes it looks like real antivirus program. so people get confused and some of them buy it. it is a mistake though. you will never see your money back (most likely) and your computer will still be infected with malware.

There is not much you can do to clean it from normal windows environment. because i mentioned before Av bytes virus blocks everythinng on the computer and wont allow you to install or run any applications. so work around is usually safe mode. you can boot your computer in safe mode and then try to clean it out. but in some cases these rogue viruses block computer in safe mode as well. FBI virus does that very often.

if computer is also blocked in safe mode, you must bring out bigger guns, like an antivirus on a bootable disk or try some other methods – even try removing it manually. if nothing works you know what to do – pickup the phone and call 818-532-9333 the 100% fastest- no BS – pc-mac-ipad-iphone repair in town – Overnight Pc Repair.

or simply stop by our store at 22941 Ventura bl.#G Woodland Hills, CA 91364 and we will clean the av bytes virus from your computer in no time. also we will clean out all the adware from your computer. if you got av bytes virus you probably have adware as well.