Asus G53J Dc JackAsus G53J is definitely a gaming laptop. From the way it looks and the amounts of memory it can tell right away this is a serious piece of equipment. Currently this present model held 6GB or RAM, but it does have like 5 slots all together with capacity to hold up to 20GB of RAM for maximum game performance!

The only and quite common problem with these is broken dc jack port where you plug the power adapter in on the side of the case. After we installed new dc jack into Asus G53J laptop, we realized why they break so easily. Only because of poor design nothing else. the way it is made unless you keep laptop carefully on the desk or table you will have to be very careful with that power adapter. When plugged in, it pretty much rests itself on the dc jack and any slight tampering with the power cable will put pressure on the inside of the jack, which will cause it to weaken every time you do it. So I highly recommend being careful with it as much as you can.

To take this laptop apart is also quite a challenge, at first. After doing it 2-3 times though it is pretty easy. I found some cool videos online to show how to take it apart and without them it would be quite a mystery.

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