asus a54c Dc jack power jack repairThis Asus A54C dc jack repair, because it stopped charging. In cases like these, you always want to test it with another adapter. To make sure the adapter is not the cause for not charging. Owner of this asus A54c from thousand oaks was able to do that. he got another charger from a friend, plugged it in and still no charging. the laptop was working ok on the battery.

So problem was obvious. asus a54c Dc jack was broken. this asus A54c is not much different from all Asus laptops and many of them have the same issue. most of Asus laptop power jacks are mounted on the motherboard itself. they do not plug in with the cable. therefore if you notice movement or looseness inside the jack when charger is plugged in, that might indicate your dc jack is getting bad.

Eventually what happens is little leg on the back of the jack snaps off and the electric current (positive) can not reach its destination on the motherboard. And thats when dc jack needs to be replaced.

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