asus a53s dc jack repair Yes it is another Asus A53s Dc jack repair this month! they are pretty popular having dc jack problems. In fact many Asus computer do. a bit more often than other laptops, because of the specific design that dc jack has. The pin inside is slightly larger in diameter than regular dc jacks. so when you insert the power adapter into it, it feels pretty tight and sort of weak. and any slightly heavier movement or pull can damage the jack very easily.

it is a common problem not only on this model Asus laptop, but on others as well like G53j or G73w and others. we have replaced many dc jacks on those models as well! ¬†and here at overnight pc repair we can handle any dc jack replacement! due to variety of jacks we don’t keep a stock of all jacks, therefore turn around time is usually 2 days to repair a jcak. however we do keep a stock of most popular dc power jacks and if we have the one you have the turn around time is as always less than 24 hours! and usually 2-3 hours to be exact!

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