Recently at overnight pc repair we have changed a glass or digitizer on an Ipad1, which  we don’t see as often as we have been anymore. I’m sure people still have them, but they are getting sort of obsolete. not that they are bad, but once you hold one, you can notice it is almost twice as thick and heavy compared to the newer ipad2 or ipad3.

so in this piece of article I will give you my thoughts as Ipad repair technician and tell you what differences do I see in how ipads have changed behind the scenes from a ipad repair mans stand point! 🙂

I will start with ipad1. Ipad1 one was obviously the first apple’s attempt at the tablets. it was doing what its supposed to, but design wasn’t literally as slick. and the first thing you notice really is the thickness of the tablet and its pretty obvious. Then in terms of glass or digitizer, it is quite easily replaced, because of how it is assembled. the glass is literally held by little plastic pins, that wedge into the body of the ipad one and I make it not very simple for reassembly, because if you want to remove the glass, there is little chance that the little pins will remain unbroken. and you almost always need to get a new glass with new pins.

In terms of other things, Ipad 1 repair is actually pretty simple, cables plug in and out very easily and the whole job can be performed almost mess free in matter of several minutes.

On the general scale of things ipad 1 was definitely a first attempt at something cool to come and Apple did it wonderfully.

Now Ipad 2 definitely has some great revolutionary vision involved in it. and anyone who has done ipad 2 repair knows it. first of all it has gotten much thinner. That means many components and design had to sacrifice a lot of physical space. Everything had to fit into smaller frame, everything had to become less. And they did it nicely. Apple changed how digitizer attaches to the case. in ipad 2 it is glued on with the double sided black tape. the ipad 2 screen does not attach to the digitizer anymore and rather nicely sits in the ipad 2 case. Home button also separately attaches to the digitizer and is much simpler than what it was on ipad 1.

now the “bad” things about ipad 2 of course are wifi antenna, which is also glued to the digitizer from the bottom and the power cable, which sticks out in couple of places and is prone to accidental damage, sometimes even because the digitizer tape gets glued to it and when one tries to remove old digitizer the little power cable may rip. and I believe it has happened to almost everyone who has attempted to do ipad 2 repair at one point or another. It really took some skill and some broken cables to be able to get it right without breaking anything.

another thing that I don’t like when doing ipad 2 repair is the digitizer cable. the way it is designed it has very strange positioning and when you close the ipad 2 digitizer back, depending on the quality of the cable sometimes they wouldn’t sit properly and the corner of the digitizer would get unglued, etc.

So the general overlook of ipad 2 to me is this: apple has definitely made a step forward by making ipad 2 thinner, more slick, but it came at the expense of almost too fast decision on its design. They made it quick, so the can release it and then see how it goes and try to change things that were not good with it. and you gotta respect apple for it. they don’t think much, they act. and then they adjust and make amends if necessary. maybe thats why they are ahead of the herd all the time 🙂

so now we have ipad 3. we have done few of ipad 3 repair so far, not as much as ipad 2, but enough to make some judgement about the product. The product actually speaks for itself and I can now understand why they came out with it so quick. for one part because of all things that were “wrong” with ipad 2. Ipad 3 is actually much much much better designed version of ipad 2. I’m not talking about the better screen or what ever better features it has when compared to ipad 2. From technicians stand point. it is actually a blessing to repair ipad 3.

all the previous little things are completely redesigned. digitizer cable is properly positioned and easy to install when putting new digitizer on. The ridge on the inside of the case where the digitizer sits is also much wider and easier to put the tape on. power ribbon cable now is totally hidden, so there is literally no way you can damage it easily, unless you go digging for it. The only thing is wifi antenna is still being glued to the digitizer and you have to be careful when removing the old glass not to rip it off, as I have done in the past with ipad 2 many times.

and overall it makes it a much simpler, a less hassle job to complete ipad 3 repair, when compared to other models!

here you have it. a quick review of ipad repair by the model. congrats to apple they really are going forward with this and we can see it by how things change and improve with each ipad they design and release to the public!

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