dell m5010 dc jackDc jack on this Dell M5010 Laptop was literally shattered when we got our hands on it. it looked like it was caught with the fishing hook and the inside of the dc jack were ripped out with full force and no mercy.

Our first attempt was to get the new jack and re-solder it into the board. It was an expedited order so we got the new jack ordered and shipped it here in less than 2 days. mind you it was saturday too. So we got the part on monday, soldered it in. but for some reason it was not charging the battery. Laptop would turn on and work fine, but no charge to the battery.

So we did our next best and ordered the whole dc jack usb board particular for this model. The board came in in another 2 days, was installed and dell m5010 laptop was working perfectly! is fastest computer service in los angeles! we don’t sleep around and don’t send your computer out of state to get it fixed. All computer repair jobs that don’t require shipped parts are fixed in less than 24 hours! Diagnosed 95% of the time over the phone! Call us 310-775-2397 join Los Angeles computer club!