Removing  junk software from Programs and Features list can be a dangerous task. But it is a necessary one. Why is it necessary? Well if you like most of the people who bring in computer in our repair shop- Overnight Pc Repair at 22941 Ventura bl. #G, Woodland Hills, Ca. You will probably have some sort of programs that I personally consider and straight out call Junk Software.

Junk Software in my opinion is software that doesn’t have any particularly important purpose except of trying to sell you something that you don’t even need, or clutter up your browser producing pop ups, redirecting your search engines or even redirecting you to different advertising pages. This software sometimes is called Adware as well. it also tracks your behavior online and then cater ads which are relevant to where you browse and what you look for.

Other software also pretends to optimize your computer or improve its performance or clean your computers registry. but in reality it is better to keep your registry clean by keeping your computer software free. And especially junk software-free.

and because I remove these programs from peoples computers every day. I already have them memorized because they are the same usual suspects every time, in almost every computer. They cause the computer to use a lot of its memory, which causes pc to go slow. It also clutters and damages registry and corrupts your windows. So its best to keep it off.

I made this list so you know what to remove. as I mentioned before messing with programs and features list is dangerous, since you can remove something that is necessary for windows to run properly.  so here is a quicklist, of programs that you can safely remove if you have any of these.

If I dont remember something I will add to this list later, but here you will have the most vicious ones and most ubiquitous:

– Search protect By Conduit – Hijacks your browsers, changes home page, hijacks your search, sometimes installs toolbar.

-Default Tab

– PricePeep

– Food buzz

– Less Tabs

– Iyogi support dock

– Pc Helper 360

– Wajam

– TubeSaver

– top arcade hits

– Shop to win

– site ranker

– Rebate informer

– Online Vault

– Speed up my pc

– pc power speed

– StrongVault Backup

– Advanced System Care 6

– Norton Pc Chekup

– PC Optimizer Pro

– McAfee Security Scan Plus


– Web Layers

– MyWebSearch

– WhiteSmoke



– 24×7 Help


-MixDJ Toolbar

-ask toolbar (unless you’re using it)

– Appbario16 Toolbar

– Inbox Toolbar

– Install Converter Toolbar

-SmartBar Toolbar

– Babylon Toolbar

– StartNow Toolbar

– Internet Helper 3.1 Toolbar

– Search Results Toolbar


few of these most common ones also hijack your browser, they change browsers home page, as well as add different toolbars and extensions.

so it is beneficial to remove all extensions from google chrome and mozilla firefox that are associates with these junk programs.

to end important note here: you don’t have to remove any of these if you use them with purpose perhaps they are worth something to some people. but in 99% of cases all they do is slow your computer down and clutter things up to the point where computer becomes un-usable. I’ve seen it many times over.

if there are any questions email or comment here below!