toshiba 205D Vista rehaulMany times people complain their computers become slow like molasses and we get many of those from people running windows xp and also Microsoft Windows Vista.

The problem here usually lies in maintenance of your computer. Picture this, lets say you bought the house on January 1st of 2008, it was vacant, spotless clean and empty of furniture. You and your family moved in filled up all 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen and as time went by, you kept buying some more stuff and bringing it in putting it on shelves, closets, corners, etc. So now imagine if you did that for 2-3 years without throwing anything out or as a matter of a fact even cleaning your house ever. Some people might actually throw up here or even lose consciousness, because if anyone did this, your house would probably look and smell disgusting and I’m not exactly sure if living there would be a pleasant thing at all.

But it is exactly what happens with people’s computers. They buy them, load a bunch of programs into it throughout years and keep getting new ones. they keep on stacking them into windows and computer piles up with software, that cleans, improves speed, writes, paints, manages money, browses, etc. And they never sit for a second to go through it and at least UN-install the ones they don’t use. Or try to clean or maintain their computer in a decent way.

As result overloading happens. Computer runs slow, windows gets a little crazy, and impatience rise.

Take care of your computer people! update it, remove programs you dont use, clean out temporary files, take care of your start up. Or otherwise bring it to overnight pc repair and we will clean it for you. call us at 877-938-8777