So you have an Ipod and you Dislike using Itunes?

So do I. Therefore I had to come up with a solution for this. I dont know if Im not savvy enough with apple’s Itunes software, but it seems to me from how I see other people use it, that everyone has to go through this stage of initial perplexion and break in period until you get how the damn thing works. Something about apple and confusion goes hand in hand. I mean how else are you going to be different, when microsoft has already created everything that’s fairly easy to understand and makes logical sense when you learn how to use it.

Anyway, Apple is great I love my nano 8GB iPod and here is how I load music on it.

I use program called Sharepod. you can download it free at The software works on windows platform as a standard windows application. it is very very easy to use. You select a folder with songs, or select individual mp3 files and simply copy them to the ipod. its almost drag and drop style. how lovely.

the only drawbacks are: some ipods are tough to set up, because of the whole apple-use-apple software deal, so on some ipods I’ve seen, you still had to sort of activate your ipod on itunes first and then it works on sharepod.

regardless it is a very nice altrenative to iTunes, so give it a shot let me know what you think

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