macbook a1342 screen replacement This Macbook pro A1342 Lcd screen replacement took only 2 days. it was cracked pretty bad as you can see in the picture. but it is quite common occurrence on macbooks and pcs of all sorts. Lcd screens are pretty fragile and break easily if dropped or due to hit or any other heavy abuse. if you live in woodland hills and have a macbook with cracked or broken lcd screen call overnight pc repair now at 818-532-9333

Replacement of lcd screen of this model a1342 macbook is not very easy if you don’t have skill so we highly recommend you bring it to us and we can replace it very fast for you. definitely in less than 24 hours!

like many different models of pcs this a1342 model of macbook screen is not protected by any glass. Apple has actually released a new version of macbooks, current version a1278 where they implemented the protective glass on top of lcd screen. that way protecting the actual lcd from breaking. However in this model a1342 it is still not protected therefore if you crack it you break the actual lcd and not protective glass.

so if that happens to you, feel free to call overnight pc repair right away and we will replace your macbook lcd screen literally in no time. you will be able to get back to your work very shortly! call us at 818-532-9333 or stop by at 22941 Ventura bl. #G, Woodland Hills, Ca 91364 for fastest macbook lcd screen replacement