Ipad 2 repair cost

This is a picture of the successful Ipad 2 repair.

Believe it or not this ipad 2 was sent to us from Wyoming. Yes when you are good at repairing ipads people will send them to you from anywhere. We had an ipad 2 sent to us for repair from Boston and also we had an macbook pro sent to us from Santa Cruz, CA (you can read about this macbook pro water damage repair here).

We also had a laptop shipped to us from chicago, IL and other places. You may ask why? because you get a guaranteed fastest repair with us and you get a quality service! this ipad 2 repair was done same day and shipped back to the person in wyoming! Everyone is happy!

if your ipad 2 or ipad 3 has been damaged and has broken glass, bring it to us for repair. if you your glass is cracked and you can see the image underneath clearly, it means only a digitizer has been damaged and it is the only piece that must be replaced.

To make an appointment for ipad 2 repair call 818-532-9333 or stop by at 22641 Ventura blvd. Woodland Hills, CA 91364