hp g7 lcd screenThis was a very easy case to of quite new HP pavilion G7 laptop lcd screen replacement. Customers has called and brought their laptop in saying that someone has stepped on the screen accidentally. Well there is a good lesson to avoid putting any laptops on the floor where clumsy humans walk. I’m sure it wasn’t done on purpose, but nonetheless damage is done and screen needed to be replaced by a reputable pc repair shop.

After we got our hands on it. 3 days later we had the screen in place nice and shiny working perfectly. Overnightpcrepair currently serves los angeles area and fixes many computer problems like replacement of lcd screens, replacement of motherboards, hard drive replacement, memory upgrades, windows repair and reinstallation and data recovery.

call us at 310-775-2397 any time we will be on our way to help you fix your computer as fast as possible!