sony vaio bsod tdds virusThis Sony vaio laptop VGN series laptop was brought in, because it was getting a blue screen of death (BSOD) on a windows 7 platform.

The prior story was customer acquired tdss redirection virus on his computer and tried to clean it many different ways. After he was done with it, computer restarted, but didn’t go any further than restarting upon loading windows screen. it would get a blue screen of death and restart immediately.

We proceeded by backing up his data and reinstalling windows 7 home premium edition. repair took about 1 hours and customer left happy his laptop working like a charm.

at overnight pc repair you don’t only get your computer repaired fast, but also a valuable advice and this time for this customer advice was to always have installed and updated some kind of internet security protection.

good ones we recommend are Kaspersky internet security for paid version. and if you can’t afford one, just use Microsoft security Essentials. it is free and does the job pretty well.

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