adding the printer connection failed. the local print spooler service is not running.adding the printer connection failed. the local print spooler service is not running

sometimes a computer with windows 7  or windows vista, will give you a an above message. it happens usually when you attempt to add new printer in the “devices and printers” section of windows.

and sometimes, it happens that you have a printer installed and working, but suddenly your printer stops working or disappears from the list of printers or becomes some generic printer (usb printer) and you totally lose printer functionality.

something like this happened to the computer of one of our clients. I then did many many things to try to solve the issue. I went to see if the spooler service was turned on, I went to check the dependencies of that service and those dependencies were also turned on. However printer didn’t work. and windows would not add another printer prompting this message “adding the printer connection failed. the local print spooler service is not running.”

so through experience I’m starting to realize this: when something stops working on a machine running windows, you must drop everything and do the last thing people think about when it comes to fixing a problem. and in many many cases nowadays the answer happens to be very simple: malware.

so was the solution to this problem. I realized nothing logical works. but also there was no obvious signs of spyware being present either. So all you have to do is try to scan your computer with malwarebytes or some other malware revoval program and you might find your answer there. 🙂

Malware and spyware are very big problem in todays windows environment. People who create it are very smart and they find very clever ways to exploit windows security and intrude computers. So if a computer doesn’t have any decent internet security software running on it, first thing I would resort to when fixing any unusual problems I would recommend you run an antispyware scan and then get on with your usual troubleshooting to take care of issues.

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