ipad 2 cracked glassThis Ipad 2 was dropped from about 1.5 foot on to a floor with a carpet on it. one wouldn’t think thats high at all, but unfortunately it is.

it really depends on your luck. In this case the person was visiting here from France. Yes the place where people speak funny 🙂 he was here for a business trip and has dropped his ipad 2. the damage was interesting the top glass or digitizer cracked, but not very significantly. Only around the home button area. And it prevented the home button from working correctly. So the person took the home button out and pushed the actual on/off button on the assembly itself. it worked, but was not esthetically looking at all.

so he decided to change the glass and we did it for him! he was happy to get his ipad 2 back in repaired condition with a brand new glass on top and the brand new home button! Woohoo!

Apple is selling these ipads like crazy, but pretty much offers no support from what I’ve heard. in many cases if you have a broken glass they don’t even repair it. they just give you a new one for a hefty price of course! But Ipad 2 glass can be repaired and the best place to do it in los angeles is at Overnight Pc Repair. you can call us at 877-938-8777 and we will replace your ipad 2 glass very quickly!!!