here is a pure example of how hard drive failure can be very tricky and hard to diagnose:

A Client brought a panasonic Toughbook – pretty cool laptop, very light and fast and durable.

everything seemed to be ok, but sometimes only it would start working very slow like a molasses.

so my first thoughts were a virus, I ran a scan, but nothing was found. And pc worked what seemed flawlessly. However then I connected a hard drive to my laptop using ide to usb tool and while scanning for spyware, something happened as if a hard drive was unplugged from usb invisibly.

I then decided to scan hard drive itself for bad sectors. Scan was running fine until like 60% and then it stopped and went back to menus as if scan was never started.

so finally I turned on internal diagnostic tool in laptop itself, ran it for about an hour (it was slow) and it in fact diagnosed hard drive failure.

after that it was clear to me. I then backed up clients information and even found the troublesome file that was indeed important and was written over the place where disk was failing first. Luckily at the end we were able to recover it.

Result: happy customer! and happy technician!

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