acer aspire 2292 hard drive This Acer Aspire 2292 laptop looks really nice and slick, however doesn’t come equipped with a dvd rom, so in case your operating system needs reinstalled you better be prepared to have an external dvd device or otherwise you will be sort of stuck. Unless of course you know how to install windows from an usb stick or a network. Thats another story though.

What happened to this machine was similar to what happens to many computers or laptops that have a hard drive crash. Drives crash unexpectedly and thats why I always repeat to people to back up their data before its too late. Hard drives get broken sometimes lightly some times heavily and from that depends if you will be able to recover your data cheap or you will pay a hefty amount of money. so as usual prevention is the best way to avoid problems. Always backup your data!

services you can use to backup your data today are carbonite, mozy, dropbox and others.

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