ipad 2 glass repair Even though Overnight Pc Repair is the fastest computer service in los angeles and surrounding areas. We still are far from perfect and some repairs don’t go as planned. This case of ipad 2 repair illustrates that very nicely.

Our client called us saying she has dropped her ipad 2 on the tile floor and has cracked her digitizer glass. She also said her ipad 2 lcd screen was damaged. it was producing images, however it was dark, which meant there was no backlight or backlight was not lighting up.

We proceeded with repair, we removed the glass digitizer and replaced the lcd screen with the new one, however there was still no backlight and screen was showing things but was dark. In some cases a complete shut down of the ipad 2 helps (power off). But in this case it was more than that. Apparently from the hard hit to the floor, something in the logic board has failed and we could not fix it. We had to return the ipad 2 to the customer.

Well here you are, overnight pc repair is not perfect either 🙂 and some things just can not be fixed here. But most of them can be 🙂 so if you have Ipad 2 or laptop or desktop computer that needs repairs, any repairs let us know and we will be able to give you a diagnosis over the phone in most cases. to call us dial 877-938-8777 or fill out form on contact us page and we will get back to you very soon!