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Shaunt N

Hi, thanks for visiting! My name is Shaunt N. Here is a quick story on how Overnight PC Repair and Mac was conceived!

I have been fixing computers for over 12 years. Mostly because I’m a geek and secondly because I love helping people fix their computers. I know how frustrating it gets when your pc or mac and, nowadays, ipad and iphone are broken or don’t function properly. You feel like you have no arms, no legs and no connection to the outside world, or at least it seems that way. Therefore, I decided to help you fix them very, very quick.

The reason I started this business was the immense need in the market place for computers to get fixed well and fast. Maybe you have experienced this. Many computer repair places, starting with Geek Squad, take Waaayy TOOOOOO LOOOOONG to fix computers. Show me who wants to wait longer than one day to get their computer back! You will not find many people, I can tell you that.

The idea was to repair computers at Overnight PC repair, literally, overnight (or in less than 24 hours). However, with ever increasing pressure on time, we started to notice that we actually repair most of our computers the same day. Only part of them are repaired actually overnight and a smaller portion of them in a few days (on orders which require ordering and shipment of parts).  That being said, if you experience any issues with your electronic gadgets, feel free to call us right away at 818-532-9333, or stop by directly at our store and you will see for yourself that we are the  real deal and we don’t beat around the bush. You will get the best service and it will happen very fast!

More about us:

A few months later I met a guy who has a shoe repair store by Smart & Final in Woodland Hills and his front lobby was available for rent. It was a 5×10 foot area of space. I had a little display counter, a little work bench and a shelf to get me started. I was able to hang a banner under the shoe repair sign and we were officially in business in the Smart & Final shopping mall! It was amazing!

Then, thanks to great support of all our customers, about one year later we were able to afford our current location and thus help many, many more people who needed our help, and we continue to do so very proudly!

Our Very Big Goal is to open Overnight PC Repair and Mac in multiple locations across the USA, so people would have a solid place they trust. A place that can fix their computer, fast, with no “BS”!

A little more about me: Recently, I have married my lovely wife, Dovi. We ran off to Vegas and made it legal. For our closest friends and relatives, we had a “real” wedding a little later, and also in Vegas. With a wife, I inherited a cute little dog named – Daisy (a black one). She is a very smart little dog with a serious attitude, and is very good and loyal to her mommy, and secondly loyal to me.

We now also have a daughter who, at 15 months, is quite a character already! Her first word was Daisy (our dogs name).  I honestly never thought having a kid would be so amazing. And even though, so far, she only seem to know how to break things, I have a hope in the future that she might fix a phone or two for you, as well!

We are located at 22941 Ventura Bl. #G in Woodland Hills, Ca. 91364. Our phone number is 818-532-9333. We are located across the street from Red Ginger and Topanga Pizza place. You can find us in the same plaza with Hugos Taco’s, Intimate Image, Ace It Tutoring, and Pop Physique, and recently the established salon Tippy Toes. They are our good neighbors, well-serving residents of Woodland Hills and Calabasas!


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We are located at 22941 Ventura bl. #G in Woodland Hills, Ca. 91364. our phone number is 818-532-9333. and we are located across the street from Red Ginger and Topanga Pizza place. In the same plaza with Hugos taco’s, Intimate Image, Ace It tutoring and Pop Physique and recently established salon tippy toes. they are our good neighbors well serving residents of woodland hills and calabasas!