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Toshiba t130 fan replacement  Here is yet another reason why you never take your computer to geek squad and I will let you be the judge of that. so keep on reading.

our customer brought this little Toshiba T130 laptop for a repair, she said one side of her computer is broken. After we took a look it was clear that the bottom case of toshiba t130 needs to be replaced, because the hinge was completely ripped of the bottom case.

We proceeded to change the bottom case and noticed something. The fan didn’t have any blades on it. After questioning the customer about it, she said she took the computer in to Geek Squad at Best Buy to get the fan cleaned. Geek Squad has cleaned it with some special vacuum cleaner that broke the fan blades and then she said they also broke her hinge while doing that.

in the picture you can see how the broken fan(on the right) looks and how the normal fan looks, blades and no blades. This is truly amazing.

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gateway nv52 motherboard heatsinkOne of our valued customer called one day to express his disappointment because his Gateway Nv52 laptop would not start. After couple of questions and few little tests upon our suggestion (performed by customer himself), we diagnosed the gateway nv52 laptop has failed because of the misfuncion of the motherboard inside of it.
we quickly looked to find a solution, which was to replace faulty motherboard with a working one.
we looked and have found a refurbished board for a decent price, went ahead and ordered it.
it came in few days later and upon installation we realized it was shutting off. gateway laptop nv52 would work for a little bit nicely and then it would shut off on its own. we had some red flags go off and thought it was a faulty board. because from experience when buying a refurbuished motherboard (refurbished means it has failed at some point and was repaired to a working condition) there is always a chance it was not tested well or, it might have still be damaged.
Our customer was getting anxious too so he decided to go ahead and purchase a new motherboard instead. So we went to search for a new one. First place we called was gateway. Yes, the laptop maker- Gateway. They told us, they don’t carry these boards and reffered us to a third party company which was supposed to have all gateway boards. Upon contacting mundocorp we found out the nv52 motherboards were not currently available.
so we were back at square one. Looking for new motherboard from other sources, which were were scarce.
Finally we did find one nv52 motherboard and went ahead to order it. After receiving it and installation, we found out it was shutting off too. Then it was clear that it isn’t the motherboard problem after all. It was rather a failed heatsink, which was not transferring heat properly. Now heatsink don’t fail very often, but sometimes they do. And the reason usually is, because of the fluids inside the copper part of the sink. when there is a little crack or a little defect in the copper part, then fluids, leaks out or gets evaporated and it stops transferring heat properly. Then the motherboard gets hot, too hot it burns out and dies.
Upon getting a new heatsink things got much better. Board was working properly, customer was happy!
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February 5, 2012 @ 6:48 pm

ipad 2 glass repair Even though Overnight Pc Repair is the fastest computer service in los angeles and surrounding areas. We still are far from perfect and some repairs don’t go as planned. This case of ipad 2 repair illustrates that very nicely.

Our client called us saying she has dropped her ipad 2 on the tile floor and has cracked her digitizer glass. She also said her ipad 2 lcd screen was damaged. it was producing images, however it was dark, which meant there was no backlight or backlight was not lighting up.

We proceeded with repair, we removed the glass digitizer and replaced the lcd screen with the new one, however there was still no backlight and screen was showing things but was dark. In some cases a complete shut down of the ipad 2 helps (power off). But in this case it was more than that. Apparently from the hard hit to the floor, something in the logic board has failed and we could not fix it. We had to return the ipad 2 to the customer.

Well here you are, overnight pc repair is not perfect either :-) and some things just can not be fixed here. But most of them can be :-) so if you have Ipad 2 or laptop or desktop computer that needs repairs, any repairs let us know and we will be able to give you a diagnosis over the phone in most cases. to call us dial 877-938-8777 or fill out form on contact us page and we will get back to you very soon!

November 28, 2011 @ 3:56 pm

Asus G53J Dc JackAsus G53J is definitely a gaming laptop. From the way it looks and the amounts of memory it can tell right away this is a serious piece of equipment. Currently this present model held 6GB or RAM, but it does have like 5 slots all together with capacity to hold up to 20GB of RAM for maximum game performance!

The only and quite common problem with these is broken dc jack port where you plug the power adapter in on the side of the case. After we installed new dc jack into Asus G53J laptop, we realized why they break so easily. Only because of poor design nothing else. the way it is made unless you keep laptop carefully on the desk or table you will have to be very careful with that power adapter. When plugged in, it pretty much rests itself on the dc jack and any slight tampering with the power cable will put pressure on the inside of the jack, which will cause it to weaken every time you do it. So I highly recommend being careful with it as much as you can.

To take this laptop apart is also quite a challenge, at first. After doing it 2-3 times though it is pretty easy. I found some cool videos online to show how to take it apart and without them it would be quite a mystery.

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November 11, 2011 @ 3:25 am

Toshiba infected with system restoreThis 19 inch toshiba Satellite p505 laptop got infected with a nowadays very common spyware called “System Restore”. This is in fact the second case I have cleaned in the period of 10 days and I tell you it is pretty nasty to remove.

System Restore virus is pretty easy to notice. it looks like a very legit computer diagnostic panel. Advising you to scan your computer for strange activity and troubleshoot different computer components.

This is what it looks like:

system_restore However this is all fake and by the time you get it it has already downloaded a bunch of real viruses and planted them into your pc.

The main features of this system restore is :

-it is self protective. it will not allow you to execute or install any antivirus programs

- it will not allow you to execute control +alt+delete to to get to the task manager so you can terminate the malware processes.

So this case was not the nicest I have ever had. I had to go back to the customer after I returned the computer first time and clean it again. First time I cleaned it. scanned it 3 times with by far best malware tools and antivirus tools, but still didn’t clean it well enough. To the point where I didnt even notice. Only my customer did when she went to use one of her programs and it started acting strangely. She called I went over and saw that there was still some malware on the pc left over.

On top of that this software also offers you to purchase something that will supposedly clean your computer in return. Be aware of that. this client has purchased this “special software” and it didnt clean anything. I had to call them and have them put money back on customers card. This is how they trick you. they infect your computer with spyware and then they sell you some software which is legit and you think you buy real deal, but you don’t. you buy something totally different. And when you call to complain they return your money. But many people don’t. they just let it go. The guy on the other line made it sound like he went to the manager to get approval for refund, but I heard he never went anywhere he just sat there and dragged some time so it looks legit. however it is not.

so be aware of this. protect yourself and always be conscious of what you’re opening in your emails where online you are browsing and always have good internet security on your pc. I recommend Kaspersky you can get it by clicking here get kaspersky

And if you get infected call us at 877-938-8777  anytime we will be on our way to help you! at overnight pc repair all the computers are fixed in less than 24 hours guaranteed!!!


October 20, 2011 @ 9:20 pm

hp g60 Dc jack replacement The client who brought this HP 60 laptop stated that about 6 months ago dc jack was already replaced on this computer. But miraculously laptop was not powering up again and the cause of that was unknown.

We looked at this hp g60 from all sides tried many different things and the last option was to take it apart and see if jack is indeed damaged again.

After about 30 minutes into it, our technician saw there was a damage done to the bracket in which hp 60 dc jack sits. it was cracked and broken most likely from the hit to the socket. it’s possible that someone dropped it on the adapter or something similar. I don’t see how else you can brake that bracket inside the laptop.

And still upon inspection dc jack itself on this hp g60 laptop looked ok. sitting tightly in place and looked like it should have been working. But we still decided to replace it. and when new part came in. Laptop powered on and was running like never before!

Overnight pc repair replaces dc jacks on all makes and models of laptops! and usual turn around time on those is 2-4 days depending on the shipping option you choose!  We have been successful with 99% of the cases fixing dc jacks! call us now at 310-775-2397 or email at

August 17, 2011 @ 2:24 am

sony vaio cr120e hard driveHard drive crashes are pretty common occurrence, we fix at least a couple a week. Everyone usually asks what causes hard drive crash and how you can fix it or prevent it. But unfortunately no such answer exists. Hard drives are very fragile and very unpredictable. Best precaution is of course to test it every now and then for bad sectors so at least you catch it as it starts to fail and not when its already finished and is unreadable.

This case of sony vaio vgn cr120 was a perfect example of when computer starts showing first signs of failing hard drive. When you get bad sectors on a hard drive, they become unreadable, therefore if you have an operating system file in that place which is needed to start windows for example you will not be able to do so. its like when you listen to a scratch cd and the song is playing and suddenly it skips because it can not read certain spot and you don’t hear the sound there we only hear that cd skipped.

vaio vgn cr120e hard disk swapThis client has brought their computer and it was still manageable. it was running slow and would freeze up occasionally. So we decided to do system restore at first and as we were backing up the files, our operating system (Ubuntu 9) did a hard drive test automatically and showed that there are 28 bad sectors on this disk. It is not a lot of bad sectors and they could be ignored for a while, but not when you have a bunch of files that are important to you on the disk. Because bad sectors have a tendency to spread and increase in number and from our experience it was only a matter of time until this hard drive would start failing completely.

We informed a customer of the problem immediately and he agreed to upgrade to a 500gb hard drive (his old one was 160gb).  We performed then system restore and his computer is ready to go. with 2 gigs of RAM and a intel core duo processor expected to run for another 2-3 years flawlessly :)

This job was delivered in less than 24 hours like all the other computer repair jobs at The only time it takes longer is when we need to ship the parts for your laptop or desktop from our suppliers. If parts are available locally any repair will take no longer than 24 hours guaranteed! or your computer is repaired FREE!

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August 16, 2011 @ 2:16 am

gateway 7520 dvd rw

Now these things don’t fail too often, however now and then we do replace a dvd writer for laptop and occasional desktop computers. This Gateway 7520 was a simple case, nothing special, drive was showing on the BIOS but wasn’t reading the disks. It can happen for many different reasons. Overuse and extreme amount of burned cds or dvds can cause the laser diode to burn out. but many times it is a mystery why these drives stop working :-) or at least a mystery to me.

Good thing is they aren’t that expensive to replace and turn around time is pretty decent too. About 3-4 days. So if you have a problem with your dvd writer on your laptop, go ahead and call us now at 877-938-8777, we don’t only replace drives for gateway 7520, but also for any other laptop model out there.

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blue screen of death issue

overheating cpu bsod

This gateway computer was brought to us because it was giving its owner a BSOD – Blue Screen of Death. at first our conversation sounded like this:

-Has blue screen been appearing often? answer was yes.

-What operating system are you running? Windows 7 upgraded from windows vista.

-Have you installed any new hardware or new software recently? No.

- Have you done this or have you done that? Answer was yes.

So next best thing I recommended to try and reinstall with a fresh copy of Windows 7 and not the upgrade. The person did so. and called me next day saying it was still giving him blue screen of death (bsod).

Needless to say – the computer repair expert was needed immediately!

As soon as computer was brought, we opened a case and saw that there was a lot of dust on the heat sink. talk about that much dust, where almost all the holes on top of it are covered. We didn’t even turn it on, but I can imagine the cpu fan had to spin pretty crazily. And it did (we later confirmed with the client). So we cleaned it out right away and started the pc.

Our first thought was that blue screen would appear because of over cpu overheating. However that simply defies all the rules and principles. because Blue screen of death (BSOD) only appears “because of incompatible drivers” “or incompatible hardware” – or so you would hear from any of the so-called-computer-experts anywhere.

Long story short. Next thing we did, since the fan was already cooling things down properly. We disconnected the cpu fan and well enough we got to witness blue screen of death for ourselves after we left computer on for about 20 minutes.

Further investigation was needed.

Upon reboot, we went into BIOS settings to check how the CPU temperature was rising and falling. After going through some settings for couple of minutes. my eye caught one interesting thing. there were two settings controlling cpu safety due to overheating:

1. shut down computer once processor (CPU) temperature reaches X.

2. Warn user once CPU temperature reaches Y.

and to my big surprise they were both OFF.

So here came the answer: CPU was overheating due to clogged up with dust cpu heatsink. Cpu would naturally overheat, sometimes in 20 minutes, sometimes in 30 minutes depending on usage and it wouldn’t know what to do afterwards. So system simply came up with blue screen of death.

I imagine hair raising up on someones back now, who is into CPU chips and micro technology. it is suffice to say that its not good at all for CPU to overheat like that to the MAX without being properly shut down at certain temperature.

But luckily it still works and functions without any trouble. Client is happy. Computer works great! Problem solved!

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Eduardas Kubilinskas

June 27, 2011 @ 6:13 am

Dell 580s, Core i3 540 processor socket 1156, 4GB of ram, windows 7 home premium, 320GB HDD.

This computer acted very very strangely. No keyboard was working on it to access the BIOS setup or hit any key during the bootup process. When started however computer would freeze and not do anything.

This is the second Dell for me within a month that needed motherboard swap. I don’t know what it is, but newer Dell desktops are getting these strange motherboard issues all of the 580s motherboard

I picked up a nice MSI motherboard for it with 4 DDR3 RAM slots, installed it and computer started up nicely. Windows 7 Home premium was reinstalled without any trouble, data was transferred successfully.

Also, one of my previous posts in blog about other Dell computer we repaired, I mentioned about the front panel connector issue with Non-Dell motherboards. The reason being – Dell wants you to use their own motheboards with their computer cases. so the front panel on/off switch for the motherboard has a connector with 9 female pins (usually) and their layout doesn’t match the panel connector on the motherboard. So the way I resolved it. I plugged it in, sideways. to match the power on/off switch pins on the motherboard. it works :)

On third party cases, connectors on the front panel are usually loose. i.e. they all are separate different color wires with a separate connector for each. Instead of one connector with 6-9 wires.

Either way, repair was a success! Computer works like a charm! The only upgrade it might need is a after market CPU sink, because original is a bit to small and it makes fan go super fast and crazy. If it was my computer it would definitely drive me crazy.

dell 580s computer repair

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